La La Vazquez Gives Kim Kardashian Marriage Advice: "It’s All About Space and Communication"

La La Vazquez, who got engaged to Carmelo Anthony in 2004 and tied the knot with the NBA superstar in July of 2010 — knows a thing or two about being married to a professional basketball player

So it makes sense that the 31-year-old former MTV VJ would offer marriage advice to her best friend, Kim Kardashian, who recently got engaged to New Jersey Nets Power Forward, Kris Humphries. “It’s all about space and communication,” Vazquez told “Two people need to have their own thing going on, so they don’t smother each other. Any couple should do their own thing and then come together,” she said.

La La says she doesn't know if she will be a bridesmaid at Kim’s wedding. “We haven’t had a chance to talk about that yet," and added that she just wants Kim to be happy and enjoy the moment. “I am so happy for Kim. Kris is a wonderful guy. They’re going to make a amazing husband and wife."

Meanwhile, La La, who says she’s “lucky and in love” with her son, Kiyan, says that for now, she wont be having any more children. “I’m not having any more kids,” LaLa said. “One is enough. My son is a handful. I love him and right now I’m focusing on him getting settled in New York. I’ve finally found a balance in my world, so I’m not ready to add any more kids,” she says.