5 Reasons Kid Cudi is About to Blow Up

Yes, Kid Cudi may be a star in the rap world but with his scene-stealing role in Need for Speed, in theaters this Friday, non-hip-hop fans are about to get familiar with the Mexican and African American rapper and actor. Here are five reasons Scott Mescudi’s stock is on the rise. 

1. cudi funny guy

Funny Guy:
He stars as wisecracking Benny, in the Aaron Paul-led high octane Need for Speed. In the flick, Cudi drops funny one-liners and leads explosive action sequences (helicopter ride, yay!). Plus, we’re pretty sure the video game-inspired film will garner multiple sequels.

2. cudi bye bye lloyd

Bye, Bye Lloyd:
He was recently cast in the highly anticipated Entourage movie. He’ll portray boss from carajoland Ari Gold’s (Jeremy Piven) new assistant. But we all know Cudi remains a boss.

3. cudi tight flight

Tight Flight:
He surprisingly released his fourth solo album, Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon late last month and it quickly (without official promotion) hit Billboard’s Top 10. "[Satellite Flight] starts where Indicud left off perfectly, and takes you right into Man on the Moon III,” Cudi told MTV. "It's like a TV show that ends with that cliffhanger. The album ends that way, where you get that one song and before you know it, the song is over and the album is over, but there's a 'to be continued...' There's more to the story."

4. cudi bad habits

Kicking Bad Habits:
The rapper/singer/producer recorded his latest album completely sober. He told Complex.com: “I was at work completely sober. It reminded me of the power that comes from having a sober mind. The music benefits a great deal.” Clean body + clean mind = good music.

5. cudi style icon

Style Icon:
Cudder’s laid-back cooler than ice cube estilo has landed him in the pages of GQ.