Kate del Castillo on Playing a Transsexual, Stereotypes & Launching A Perfume With Avon

What roles are you drawn to?

I love controversy. Strong roles, strong women. I love physicality, I love action, really interesting roles. I did a movie with Kevin Kline called Trade and it dealt with human trafficking so of course, if you can create some kind of awareness from a movie, it’s even better.

What’s been your experience with being Latina in Hollywood – do you think it’s getting better? Do you still feel stereotyped at all?

I’m going to be honest, I do feel stereotyped. I think its changing yes, but its changing very slowly. All the scripts that I read, for pilot seasons, there’s always a role for Latino, which is great. We’ve come so far. But it’s still… not quite there.  Before we were gardeners and prostitutes, now we’re cops. Hopefully it’ll change for everyone’s sake.

What would be your advice for Latinas who want to do what you have done – work as an actress?

There’s a lot of competition here and everywhere. Everyone is very talented and they prepare. So if you really want to be an actor, you have to be prepared. Fame shouldn’t be your motivation.

What’s next on your radar – upcoming projects?

I’m developing bunch of stuff,  for the US. Right now I have a webseries, second one that I produce, on Univison, Arranque de Pasión and I’m starting a movie in a month or so.

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