Kate del Castillo on Playing a Transsexual, Stereotypes & Launching A Perfume With Avon


Who would you consider your style icon? Why?

I love Nicole Kidman, not only is she beautiful, she’s just elegant and classy. I just think she dresses perfectly. I love Cate Blanchett. I think she has this peaceful presence about her, whatever she wears. She’s just strong and confident, but in a zen-like way.  

Who’s career would you love to emulate? Why?

I love Naomi Watts, Tilda Swinton, Tilda and I worked together long time ago,  but I loved her movie Orlando. It made me want to be an actress. Well, I was already acting but it just increased that passion. It inspired me to keep going. I keep watching it over and over again. Naomi Watts has the best career ever. She’s played amazing characters, but yet she seems to have this relatively normal life. She has the full package – career and family.

You’ve been in everything from telenovelas to big budget films. What’s been your favorite role thus far?

I feel like I’m cheating on one if I say the other. I love it all. I think playing a transsexual in K-11 was my most challenging role.  I tried to do all the research I could, minding the time that they give you, to get ready and prepare. So I read and watched all the movies and got closer to transgender people who could teach me. I learned a lot. I was very ignorant about the whole transgendered world, and it was interesting to play all these different sides: to feel, react, play masculine, play feminine.