Kate del Castillo on Playing a Transsexual, Stereotypes & Launching A Perfume With Avon

Kate del Castillo is one accomplished mujer. From a successful crossover career to a producer and now -- the face of her very own perfume, Flor Violeta by Avon. (Pssst... find out how to enter to win a bottle at the end!) We caught up with the successful actress to talk her most difficult roles, her personal style and whether it's really getting better for Latinos in Hollywood.

How did Avon come up with the name "Flor Violeta?"

Violet is a key note in the fragrance, and the name is in Spanish to resonate with the Latina community but also because I, as the face of the fragrance, am Mexican and speak Spanish. At the same time, the name is one that Americans too can understand. When people read it they know exactly what we¹re talking about and get an idea of what it smells like.

What does it smell like?

It’s floral, it’s violet, it’s fruity, it’s fresh. I love it. I love the freshness that has this fruity blend. It really reminds you of a dreamy landscape. The best part is that it stays on you for so long and just lifts your mood, gives you this joyfulness.

Why did you decide to partner with Avon for a fragrance?

There’s something about perfume. Whatever you wear, whatever your style, there’s one thing that people associate with you, that thing that you remember someone for. And that’s scent.

Besides fragrance, what are your must-have beauty products?

I use different things. Stuff for my hair – I always use serum. For my face, I always have with me some kind of powder. I don’t use foundation a lot, if really at all. I love lipgloss but I hate the ones that are too shiny. I don’t like super-shiny gloss. And I’m big on mascara. I use it probably every day.

What’s your number one beauty tip?

Eat right; eat healthy. I think that’s the main thing for everything. For your hair, for your skin, even your mind – it makes you better!

How would you describe your style?

Casual, comfortable, but still with character – not boring.

Your favorite fashion moment – a dress? A red carpet event?

I loved what I wore to the La Misma Luna premiere in LA. I loved everything about that look, my makeup, my hair… everything.