Exclusive Outtakes From Kat Von D's November 2013 Cover Shoot!

Want more of our November cover star Kat Von D? Check out some of these exclusive quotes from Kat’s cover shoot and don't miss the rest of her interview on newsstands October 15!

1. Kat Von D Interview Outtakes 1

On her mom

"I always considered her a beauty queen though she wasn’t a pageant mom or anything like that. She was just a beautiful Latin woman [with] naturally raven hair. She was a stay at home mom, had these three kids and she would watch telenovelas. She wore makeup all the time."  

2. Kat Von D Interview Outtakes 2

On romance and being independent

"There’s a part of me that [likes] the idea of being able to share everything with somebody other than my dad or my friends. It sounds nice, but I don’t need it. I’m okay without it."

3. Kat Von D Interview Outtakes 3

On working with Sephora on her makeup line

"Sephora has always been the best, in the sense that they love me for me and that they let me be me. That’s the coolest part. I think that's why the products are great–because there's a sincerity and authenticity."

4. Kat Von D Interview Outtakes 4

On her awesome fans

"Interaction with fans is super important to me. I have the best fans ever. They’re always the most creatively charged people. I’ve saved every single piece of fan mail that I’ve ever gotten. We have an archive of it and stuff. I think if I can inspire that then it's like, my job is done. I try my best to try to respond to people especially through Twitter. I’ve [even] named a few eye shadows after different followers and stuff and some limited edition stuff. It’s awesome."

5. Kat Von D Interview Outtakes 5

On tattooing Selena’s brother, A.B. Quintanilla

"I tattooed Selena's brother years ago. [Selena's] crossover album was what my mom would be listening to. In our household, when she died, my sister got pulled out of school. She had the shrine. [It was] my first experience with feeling [so strongly about] somebody that you never met. Selena emanated goodness. You didn’t have to meet her to know that she's a good person.

I remember tattooing him blew my mind. He’s talking about his sister. You could watch all the documentaries, you can watch J.Lo playing Selena, but at the end of the day these little tidbits of information from hanging out with somebody that knew her and that had a very special connection [to her] is just so cool. [It was] similar in the sense when I tattooed Mikey [Jenni Rivera's son], because it's that Latin connection, but I think more so with Selena because I was so familiar with Selena's music."

6. Kat Von D Interview Outtakes 6

On her ideas of beauty

"When I was a kid, to me, all women that I think were beautiful always tend to be ethnic of some sort. To be honest I think it's the eyebrows–the powerful, strong eyebrows. You look at the revolutionary artwork from the 50s and stuff or even like labels on food packaging, and [they’re] ethnic princesses; they're warriors. They have serious eyebrows and strong eyes. I think it's something that I’m attracted to—that look or that strength. You look at Salma Hayek or Penelope Cruz or women that have naturally strong eyebrows, and [it’s like] I’m going to listen to what you've got to say."