Brazilian Soccer Player Johnny Dos Santos Wipes Out Ref Bruce Lee Style! (WATCH)

Talk about hitting a goal! Brazilian soccer player Johnny Dos Santos gave a referee a piece of his mind by karate kicking him during a recent game between Independente Limeira and Marilia. Dos Santos became livid after the ref only added four minutes of stoppage time, which meant that gave him free reign to attack. A stadium full of fans witnessed the Independente player run up to the referee as he gave him a swift kick on the shoulder and arm. Seriously? Ouch.

Reportedly the attack was so intense that it left the referee with cuts and bruises. Although we don't know what consequences the ill-tempered player will suffer, he may end up having to explain himself in a court of law. Of course, he will probably get suspended for his high kick. Not a good look.

Check out Dos Santos in action below and let us know what you think!