7 Reasons We Are In a Love-Hate Relationship With J.Lo

Haters are going to hate as the popular saying goes. According to Star magazine’s list of the 20 Most Hated Celebrities in Hollywood, most people aren’t really fans of Jennifer Lopez. The Boricua star topped the list of the most hated at number three. But we think everyone's just jealous! (Don't worry, we are too.) Here are 7 reasons we have a love/hate relationship with the star.

1. JLo Love/Hate: Dance Again

She gets to “Dance Again” with Casper Smart:

Nothing says swag like moving on with a much younger man! Lopez started dating the then 24-year-old back-up dancer shortly after announcing her divorce from salsa singer, Marc Anthony. The couple was featured in the pop star’s steamy music video “Dance Again,” which made us admire her boy toy’s abs as much as her dance moves. Why does she make it look so easy?


2. JLo Love/Hate: Outfits

She makes every outfit look stunning:

Sure, she had her fashion fails back in the day, but J.Lo’s red carpet fashion has evolved since then. Whether it’s a glittery nude gown or a skintight mini-dress, Lopez creates Twitter trends just by what she rocks. Remember her dangerously sexy slit at the Grammys this year? It managed to overshadow some of the winners that night!

3. JLo Love/Hate: Empire

Her empire keeps on growing:

The recession has not affected J.Lo one bit! Her net worth is reportedly at $250 million with an annual salary of $12 million, according to CelebrityWorth.com. She has been named one of the richest women in Hollywood thanks to her ventures in movies, music, television, fashion, and more. Yes, she has come a long way from her Fly Girl days!

4. JLo Love/Hate: Aging Backwards

She seems to age backwards:

Maybe it’s her use of L’Oreal products or just good genes, but J.Lo sure makes 43 look amazing! Her gym-toned body, flawless hair, and dewy skin are all her secret ingredients to eternal beauty.

5. JLo Love/Hate: Perfumes

She has more perfume lines than we can count:

Yes, J.Lo seems to have a perfume for everyday of the week and then some. The Puerto Rican mogul officially became owner of the top selling celebrity fragrance franchise last summer. She racked-up about $80 million in perfume sales for her booming ‘Glow’ perfume line, which includes a total of 18 scents. Spray on…


6. JLo Love/Hate: World Tour

She got to travel the world on her tour:

It seemed like Lopez was in a different spot on the map everyday during her “Dance Again” world tour starting in the fall of 2012. She made stops in London, Lisbon, and Dubai – just to name a few. The best part? She made sure to bring her twins Max and Emme along for the ride!


7. JLo Love/Hate: Cool Mom

She will be the coolest mom at PTA meetings:           

Let’s face it - J.Lo isn’t your ordinary single mom. In 2012, she was the most searched celebrity of the year, which means almost everyone has cyber stalked the Boricua star at one point or another. Max and Emme, you better believe your math teacher is going to hit on your mami! Just warning you now…