5 Ways You Can "Run The World" Like J.Lo and Beyonce!

Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce fans rejoice! The legendary pop stars are joining forces and headlining the London charity concert, Sound of Change Live, which will raise funds for women in need across the globe. The concert, taking place next month, also includes John Legend, Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding and Florence + the Machine.

Here are 5 ways to “Run The World” like J.Lo and Bey!

1. jlo b slide 01_be bold

Be bold:

These ladies didn’t become unstoppable by being shy or hiding in a corner! Besides being known as strong performers, actresses, and businesswomen, of course they are also associated with having diva personalities. We say, whatever gets the job done!

2. jlo b slide 02_take risks

Take risks:

J.Lo and Beyonce weren’t always famous. They had to take plenty of risks to land their dream careers. Lopez dropped out of college to pursue dancing and acting before landing her breakout gig as a Fly Girl for In Living Color. Beyonce also proved to be a risk-taker after leaving Destiny’s Child to become a solo artist. Both proved to be good choices for the stars!

3. jlo b slide 03_comfortable in your skin

Be comfortable in your own skin:

Confidence is a beautiful thing and these women ooze it out of their pores! Whether they are rocking ball gowns or cat suits, the pop stars are always secure and radiant. "I was always very comfortable with who I was," J.Lo told Marie Claire UK in 2010. "Confident. I’ve never looked at my body in a negative way."

4. jlo b slide 04_done be afraid to fail

Don’t be afraid to fail:

Do you remember Lopez in Gigli or Beyonce in the film Carmen: A Hip Hopera? No, they weren’t exactly hitting the mark, but they were able to move on and make better career decisions. In an interview with Cosmopolitan UK in 2011, Lopez expressed, “It’s about stopping those thoughts of negativity and insecurity. I think changing that and really recognizing yourself triggers control of how you feel, so you’re able to go, ‘No, I’m awesome man, I’m amazing, there’s nobody like me.” Sounds like something we should write on a Post-It and stick on our bathroom mirrors!

5. jlo b slide 05_pay it forward

Love what you do:

Passion is one of the top ingredients for success. Beyonce and Lopez have dedicated most of their lives to the entertainment industry and prove to love almost every minute of it. “You have to love what you do to put so many hours in and to put so much energy into things. And I think I just love what I do,” J.Lo said in an interview.