#TBT: Jessica Alba’s Forgotten Roles

Jessica Alba is gearing up to take on the role of Nancy Callahan again this summer in the Sin City sequel, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. But before her days in Sin City or Dark Angel, Alba appeared in several 90's favorite. As an ode to Throwback Thursday, here are a handful of the Mexican-American belleza's forgotten roles:

1. Camp Nowhere

Alba made her film debut came in 1994's Camp Nowhere. Playing the role of Gail, the actress' part was not major but she can be spotted alongside fellow Latino Andrew Keegan in some scenes. The now 32-year-old mother of two was 13 when she appeared in this movie.

2. The Secret World of Alex Mack

Following her role in Camp Nowhere, The Honest Company owner hit the TV screen with a part on Nickelodeon's The Secret World of Alex Mack in 1994. Alba played a gorgeous and popular cheerleader named Jessica.

3. Flipper

From 1995 through 1998, Alba starred as Maya Graham the hit TV series Flipper. In 1998 she was nominated for the Young Star Award in Best Performance by a Young Actress in a Daytime TV Program for her role as Maya.

4. Love Boat: The Next Wave

In 1998, Love Boat: The Next Wave -- a TV series based off the original sitcom The Love Boat -- made its debut. The beautiful Mexican-American actress guest starred as a teen named Layla.

5. Beverly Hills, 90210

In 1998, Alba appeared in two episodes of the 90's hit series Beverly Hills, 90210, playing a character named Leanne in season 8.

6. P.U.N.K.S.

P.U.N.K.S. was released in 1999. A film about a group of of bullied teens who find a suit created by a corrupt scientist that delivers supernatural strength to its wearer, Alba starred as Sam, the only female member of the group.

7. Never Been Kissed

The Sin City star played popular gal Kirsten in 1999's hilarious comedy Never Been Kissed, starring Drew Barrymore.

8. Idle Hands

Alba played a character named Molly in 1999's Idle Hands -- a film about a teen named Anton whose right hand becomes possessed with murderous intent.