5 Things We Learned About J.Lo from Her Documentary

"Does everything happen for a reason? I don't know," said Jennifer Lopez in the opening for her NUVOtv documentary, Jennifer Lopez: Her Life. Her Journey.

Last night we tuned in along with hundreds of viewers to get to know J.Lo on a more personal level. The 43-year-old gave everyone a glimpse inside her world, from before the fame up until the present. She showed us why it's important to be determined and let nothing stand in your way because as Jennifer said, "Nobody stops you, but you."

Here are five things we learned from watching Jennifer Lopez: Her Life. Her Journey.

1. JLo Documentary: High School

Throughout her youth, and even in her early days in high school, Jennifer was not focused on the performing arts. She originally attended St. Francis Prepatory in Queens, NY, with the intent of becoming a track star. But in the middle of her freshman year, she transferred to Preston High School in the Bronx. It was at this point that J.Lo realized she wanted to become a dancer.


2. JLo Documentary: Baruch

As many parents often do, J.Lo's mother advised her that she should focus on going to college and becoming a lawyer, rather than a dancer or singer. So Jennifer did just that. She worked in a law office and attended the City University of New York's Baruch College. But things just didn't feel right, and after having a dream that she was a performer, J.Lo quit school and her job and pursued dancing.

3. JLo Documentary: No Me Ames

Become a dancer. Check! Become an actress. Check! Now it was time for J.Lo to start her singing career. The megastar recorded her first demo after she starred in Selena and Oliver Stone's U-Turn. She was then introduced to Tommy Mottola who quickly brought her into the studio and helped her get started on her first album, On the 6.

While working in the studio, Marc Anthony was next door working on some of his own music. Bold as she can be, Jennifer asked him to do a duet with her. And this is how "No Me Ames" and their initial romance all began. "When something's destined; it's destined," she said of her relationship with Marc.

4. JLo Documentary: Wedding Planner

In 2001, Jenny from the block made history! Her movie The Wedding Planner and second studio album J.Lo both hit #1 on the charts, at the same time. She was not only the first Latina to do this, but the first person ever to accomplish this feat.

5. JLo Documentary: On the Floor

Jennifer reached a huge milestone in her career when she released "On the Floor" with Pitbull. The song went triple platinum and it turned out to be the biggest success of all time. After the success of "On the Floor" and "Dance Again," J.Lo decided it was time to launch her first worldwide tour.