Jasmine V's Beauty & Boys: "My Top 5 Places To Go On A First Date!"

Hey Jasminators, it's your girl Jasmine back with my advice on the Boys & Beauty blog! Today I'm going to be giving the ladies (and the guys, too!), tips on where to go on a first date. I hope this gives you some good ideas and will help you break the ice on a first date!

Please don't forget to leave me your comments and more ideas. I actually got the idea for this blog from reading one of your comments on my last blog!

1. Ice Skating - I love challenging activities on a first date and what better way to break the ice than to go ice skating. LOL. You can still look cute when you hit the ice skating rink. You should wear a nice thick sweater and some tights, and top it off with a nice beanie. That way you're warm and comfortable, but can still look cute. Oh yeah, and it will give you a good reason to have to hold hands during your date so you don't fall on the ice! Make sure you go get some hot chocolate too when you're done with lots of marshmellows.

2. Bowling – This is one of my favorite things to do. Naturally going bowling is one of my best date picks. Again, you won't have to wear high heels so you can be comfortable. This is also the perfect way to bring more people on your date if you don't feel comfortable going by yourself. I would rock a tank top and some cute skinny jeans and top it off with a leather jacket. Also, make sure you wear some cute earrings since you can't really get that dressed up to go bowling. Most bowling alleys also have great food! As you know from my “Just A Friend” music video. I definitely had fun on my bowling date!

3. ESPN Zone - I don't know if your town has an ESPN Zone or anything close to it, but it's such a fun place for a first date. There's so much to do there - from playing basketball, to video games, some even have a mini bowling alley. One thing is for sure; you will never be bored there. The good thing is it's also a restaurant so when you get tired from playing all the games, you can go downstairs and have a more relaxed one-on-one conversation. Hopefully you can be talking about how bad you beat your date at all the games. Wink!

4. Six Flags – Of course, this is on my top three places to go for any occasion. When I go to Six Flags I have a little game plan of all the rides I'm going to do and how much time I spend at each roller coaster. There's more than enough to do at Six Flags. In the summer time a lot of times they also have concerts. It's the best place to go on a date because you will never run out of stuff to do. Just make sure you dress comfortable and in flat shoes. I usually rock some jean shorts, sneakers, and a tee shirt. You can't really accessorize because you may lose your accessories on the rides LOL. Just make sure your outfit is super cute and don't forget your lip-gloss!  You will be doing A LOT of walking around. After all the rides, I love going to the arcade games and trying to win prizes. They also have the best food there so it's probably my favorite spot to go on a date.

5. Beach - I'm a Cali girl so you know the beach has to be on my list. It’s great because you can take long walks with your date and really get to know them. I usually like to bring some sandwiches, sodas and snacks for a little picnic. You should also bring something fun to play like a football or maybe a Frisbee. Of course, going swimming with your date can be the best. Besides a bikini, you can wear a light cover up or a nice light summer dress. Sunglasses are also a must! Make sure you find ones that go well with your face and you will not need to wear any makeup. I would just wear a shimmery lip-gloss with some color. Make sure you bring a big blanket so you can chill with your date and watch the sunset. Oh yeah, don't forget to bring music so you can relax when you lay out. 

Please leave me comments/questions on any topics you want to me to talk about for future blogs. Also, please share any dating stories or questions -- I love hearing from you guys. And remember to check back every week for Jasmine V, Beauty & Boys! Until next time...