Exclusive Outtakes from Jasmine V's February Cover Shoot!

Want more of Jasmine V, one of our February cover stars? Check out some of these exclusive quotes from Jasmine’s cover shoot and don't miss the rest of her interview (along with Becky G!) on newsstands January 7, 2014!

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1. Dating Justin Bieber

“He was 15 and I was 16 - you can’t really call that super serious. Since his fans are hardcore, they support him very much, it escalated [to backlash]. I was taking him away from them. Anybody who hangs out with him gets backlash. It’s a crazy thing but it comes with the territory.”

2. Staying in an Abusive Relationship

“It became very easy and you don’t want your significant other to look bad, especially if you feel that you are going to be stuck in the relationship and at the time I felt I was stuck. You think, 'Damn, I can’t get out, so why am I going to make him look bad, and make me look stupid?'"

3. Moving On After Abuse

“I definitely learned a lot and know what to look for in somebody. That’s the good thing that came out of it.”

4. First Lyrics

“I got this beat from this producer Kid EZ who I’ve known since I was younger, so I ended up writing the first verse and showed it to my older brother and he ended up writing the second verse. He writes too so he was helping me. That was my first time ever writing. It was called "First Crush" and I was 13.”

5. The Jasminators

"They are amazing! When I don’t know something I tweet about it and they answer me. They are super supportive and they are at all my shows - it's a personal relationship."