Introducing 'Man On A Ledge' Star Genesis Rodriguez

Anyone not familiar with striking 24-year-old Venezuelan-American actress Genesis Rodriguez won’t be left the dark much longer. With roles in two major upcoming films, Man on a Ledge and Casa de Mi Padre, movie-goers will find it next to impossible to escape her astonishing screen presence, not that they would want to.

In Man on a Ledge, which debuted in theaters January 27th, Rodriguez plays Angie, the girlfriend of the brother of accused but decidedly innocent Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington). While Cassidy hovers high on a ledge above New York City distracting onlookers, it is the job of Rodriguez’s character to help break into a jewelry vault in order to prove Cassidy’s innocence. The role had the actress rappelling down an elevator shaft and stripping down to her underwear for an onscreen outfit change!

If this fast pace thriller does not give fans their fix of the actress, they need only wait until March when they can swoon right alongside Will Ferrell in the movie Casa de Mi Padre filmed entirely in Spanish. In this telenovela style comedy, a form Rodriguez is no stranger to, she plays the love interest of Ferrell’s character Armando Alvarez and at the same time Armando’s brother Raul’s (Diego Luna) fiancé. Pause for an overly dramatic gasp!

Born in Miami, Florida to Venezuelan singer and actor Jose Luis Rodriguez, and fluent in both English and Spanish, Rodriguez is best known for her work on the Soap Opera Days of Our Lives and Telemundo series Prisionera, Dame Chocolate and Dona Barbara, for now that is.