12 Up-and-Coming Inspiring Hollywood Latinas

Whether starring on Broadway, an Oscar-winning film or your favorite TV show, these Latinas are making their mark. We rounded up 12 who we believe are on the verge of greatness. Take a peek at the most Inspiring up-and-coming Latinas who are changing screen and stage.

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1. Eiza Gonzalez

Eiza Gonzalez
Though you may recognize her from Amores Verdaderos, Eiza Gonzalez really made waves after dating Liam Hemsworth. This year, though, she’ll prove she deserves recognition for her talent alone. She was cast as Santanico Pandemonium in Robert Rodriguez’s TV show version of From Dusk Till Dawn. This brave Latina is stepping into Salma Hayek’s shoes, and even gained 13 pounds for the role. Rumors may have circulated (that's the price of fame), but she doesn’t worry what people say about her. She’d rather focus her energy on making sure her acting is on par with her co-stars, and she wants to show that even though English is not her first language, she can master it. She already has her first film, All Hail the Squash Blossom Queen, lined up.

2. Callie Hernandez

Callie Hernandez
In 2014, Callie Hernandez will be in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and an untitled Terrence Malick Project, which will also star Cate Blanchett, Michael Fassbender and Ryan Gosling. It doesn’t end there for Hernandez. She will also featured in From  Dusk Till Dawn, and she was recently as a regular on The Club, an ABC drama. Not bad for a girl that only acted as a hobby. A series of unfortunate events–a breakup, a car accident, a job loss–pushed her to make a change and really go for it. We'd say she's certainly doing something right! 

3. Krysta Rodriguez

Krysta Rodriguez
This seasoned Broadway star originated the role of Wednesday Addams in the Addams Family and she was on Smash, but she recently landed a main role in How I Met Your Dad, a spinoff of How I Met Your Mother. Her character, Juliet, will be a party girl who runs a successful fashion blog, so basically, she will be the female version of Barney Stinson -- which is definitely not a bad thing. Rodriguez wanted to make the switch to TV comedies, so she’ll be right in her element. What we love about her? Fame has certainly not gone to her head. She's admitted that not being a leading lady on Broadway until recently helped her hone her skills -- skills we're sure to see in the coming years.

4. Oona Chaplin

Oona Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter was able to steal Robb Stark’s heart in Game of Thrones, but it seems 2014 will be her true moment to steal the spotlight. The part-Chilean, part-Spanish actress will be in Inside No. 9, The Crimson Field, And Dancing for my Havana. Though her famous grandfather and mother have worked in the industry, she is not trying to get roles because of her last name. Instead, she’s decided not to say no to opportunities. She wants to go for anything and everything. The trilingual actress will be speaking Spanish for the 2014 film Purgatorio, but she eventually wants to do a movie in French as well.

5. Chloe Bridges

Chloe Bridges
The 22-year-old actress is Donna LaDonna on The Carrie Diaries. The Honduran-American actress that almost beat out Demi Lovato for Camp Rock (and appeared in the sequel) is going to star in the 2014 movie Nightlight. She also almost auditioned for a role in 50 Shades of Grey, but decided not to go through with it because she didn’t want to face her grandmother if she nabbed the role. In a 2010 interview with Examiner.com, she said she played the piano and was a super nerd in school. After graduating high school, she said, “‘I’m just trying to fill my mind with as many books as I can find.”

6. Julia Goldani Telles

Julia Goldani Telles
Many fans were disappointed when they discovered that Bunheads and Julia Goldani-Telles’ character, Sasha Torres, would not be returning to ABC Family. The Brazilian-Mexican dancer has since guest starred in Nurse Jackie and The Carrie Diaries. She will be working with Dominic West and Joshua Jackson in The Affair, a Showtime drama. Not only that, she’s a student at Columbia University, who wanted to become a ballerina before she was injured, practicing six hours every day after school. We know her talent and dedication will lead her far! 

7. Dascha Polanco

Dascha Polanco
The Orange Is the New Black star has only been acting for a few years, but she's already making waves. Soon we'll see her in season 2 of OITNB, and the Latinas was also in the 2013 movie Gimme Shelter, which starred Vanessa Hudgens. Before acting, she was working in a hospital in the Bronx, and she didn’t think acting could be a possibility because of her Latina background and her body type. "Everything and anything is possible with dedication," she told us. "Keep on believing, keep on going."

8. Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez
Gina Rodriguez’s talent shone in Filly Brown, and she will get a chance to stretch her acting chops with her upcoming show, Jane the Virgin. Based on the Venezuelan telenovela, the CW show will follow a young religious Latina who is accidentally artificially inseminated. At a "Changing Faces of Latinas in Media" panel, the young star admitted she respects what anyone has to do to feed their families, but she won’t perpetuate stereotypes with the roles she chooses. “If we all stick together and say no, that project would not exist,” she said.

9. Natalie Morales

Natalie Morales
Not to be confused with the NBC journalist, this Natalie Morales has played Aziz Ansari’s girlfriend on Parks and Recreation and an unbalanced policewoman on 90210. She is now a regular on Trophy Wife, which stars Malin Akerman. On an AMA on Reddit, she talked about how difficult it was to find roles as a Latina that are beyond the Hollywood norm. “Yes, those characters are hard to find. Especially harder to find when you’re ‘different.’ People love stereotypes.” And though she’s still at the beginning stages of her career, she knows that it’ll take some hard work. “Progress is slow, but I’m in for the long haul.” We look forward to seeing what's next for the star!

10. Melissa Fumero

Melissa Fumero
This Brooklyn Nine-Nine star plays Detective Amy Santiago on the Emmy-winning show, so expect to see more of this actress this year. Fumero graduated from NYU and started off in soap operas before landing this role. She is humble about her success, and happy that she gets to play a strong role, alongside Latina Stephanie Beatriz. “We were like, dude, when does this happen?” Fumero told the New York Daily News. “Stephanie pointed out that we’re not doing anything spicy. No one has an accent.”

11. Kaya Scodelario

Kaya Scodelario
In the UK, she is known as the person behind Effy Stonem on Skins, where she played Nicholas Hoult’s younger sister, but American audiences will become more familiar with her after The Maze Runner, which is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The half-Brazilian, half-English star was dyslexic and bullied at school, and it was acting that gave her confidence. Though, when she was 16, she ran out of an audition in tears because she didn’t look like the blonde girls auditioning. “I though I didn’t deserve to do a period film,” she told the Standard. She overcame that and went on to star in Wuthering Heights.

12. Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o
Yes, she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, but this Mexi-Kenyan star is far from peaking. In 2014, Lupita Nyong’o was in Non-Stop and was named a Miu Miu model. No word on what her next project will be just yet, but we don’t expect her to go anywhere. In the last few months she has proven to be as talented as she is inspirational. She explained that as a child she didn’t feel beautiful because of her skin tone, but now, she embraces it and hopes to inspire other children. And speaking from personal experience when accepting her Oscar, she said “No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.”