15 Hottest Stars You Didn't Know Were Latino

These stars manage to deceive some celebrity enthusiasts, but not us! We are counting down 15 of the biggest stars you didn't know were Latino. How many will leave you surprised?

1. 15 Hottest: Meagan Good

Meagan Good, 30

The Think Like a Man star is of Puerto Rican descent from her paternal grandmother’s side. The Hollywood actress, who has starred in movies like You Got Served and Stomp The Yard, considers herself Christian and selects roles that won’t “disappoint God.”

2. 15 Hottest: Harry Shum, Jr.

Harry Shum Jr., 30

The Glee star, who plays Mike Chang, was born in Costa Rica to Chinese parents who later moved to California.  He’s cute and talented! What’s better than that?

3. 15 Hottest: Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper, 45

The CNN journalist, who announced publicly that he’s gay today, is rumored to have Latino ancestry in his family. The Emmy-winning TV personality’s great-great-grandmother Luisa Fernández de Valdivieso settled in Chile in the 17th century. That’s way back in the day, but we will take it!

4. 15 Hottest: Eva LaRue

Eva LaRue, 45

The actress of French, Puerto Rican, Dutch and Scottish descent is best known for her role as Dr. Maria Santos on All My Children. When it comes to beauty, Eva says, “My definition of beauty is more of an internal beauty. It really is the energy you exude.”

5. 15 Hottest: Fabolous

Fabolous, 34

The “From Nothin’ to Somethin’” rapper hails from Brooklyn, New York and is of Dominican and African American descent. Rumor has it that he was romantically linked to Adrienne Bailon back in the day.

No wonder he is so fabulous!

6. 15 Hottest: Alana de la Garza

Alana de la Garza, 36

The Law and Order and half-Mexican actress brings good looks to the courtroom for sure.

7. 15 Hottest: Tatyana Ali

Tatyana Ali, 33

Who didn’t want to be Ashley Banks from the 90s sitcom also starring Will Smith, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Tatyana has been in the acting game for a while and still looks as beautiful as ever! The half-Panamanian actress and Harvard grad is definitely the complete package.

8. 15 Hottest: Odette Yustman

Odette Yustman, 27

The half-Cuban actress, who plays Dr. Jessica Adams on Fox’s hit series House, received her degree in finance before deciding to take on acting. We are glad she made the move to Hollywood!

9. 15 Hottest: Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford, 41

Who hasn’t drooled over the supermodel at some point? The Ralph Lauren model, who’s of Jamaican and Panamanian descent, has probably stopped traffic for some of his famous ads!

10. 15 Hottest: Andrew Keegan

Andrew Keegan, 33

There’s nothing to dislike about The 10 Things I Hate About You actor! The half-Colombian actor was featured on hit shows in the 90s including Party of Five, Boy Meets World, and 7th Heaven.  His latest role was guest starring on CSI: NY in 2010, so hopefully he makes a comeback soon.

11. 15 Hottest: Maxwell

Maxwell, 39

The neo-soul artist has romanced us with his smooth lyrics time and time again! His father was born and raised in Vieques, Puerto Rico while his mother grew up in Haiti.

12. 15 Hottest: Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash, 45

Stacey Dash has a lot in common with Jennifer Lopez! They both hail from the Bronx and fall under the hot Latinas in their 40s category. The former Single Ladies star is of Bajan, African American, and Mexican descent. Can we have what she’s having?

13. 15 Hottest: Yaya Dacosta

Yaya DaCosta, 29

The America’s Next Top Model alum has a multi-cultural background, which includes Brazilian, West African, Irish, and Native American/Cherokee roots.  Yaya recently added actress to her resume with the 2011 Oscar-nominated film, The Kids Are All Right. She has also starred in Raphael Saadiq’s video for “Good Man” and has been featured on the pages of Vogue and W. Work it!

14. 15 Hottest: Sara Paxton

Sara Paxton, 24

The Innkeepers star seems to have a thing for haunted house roles, but we don’t mind! Sara, who is part Mexican, has also starred in Haunted Lighthouse and The Last House on the Left. We can’t wait to see more of her on the big screen.

15. 15 Hottest: Gary Forbes

Gary Forbes, 27

He’s got the moves! The Toronto Raptors basketball player was born in Colón, Panama, and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. The 6ft 7in player hit the court in college at the University of Virginia and later transferred to the University of Massachusetts. He played abroad in the Philippines and Venezuela before officially getting signed on with the NBA.