HBO GO Crashes During 'True Detective' Finale

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in True Detective

If you were tuned into HBO's True Detective finale via the network's GO service last night, you probably could relate to what fellow fans were referring to as a "No Go."

Online streamers were excited to watch the finale, but when 9 p.m. rolled around, the site crashed. According to the Detroit Free Press, there were just too many logins being entered at the time True Detective was scheduled to air.

"Due to overwhelmingly popular demand for #TrueDetective, we’ve been made aware of an issue affecting some users. Please try again soon,” HBO GO tweeted after becoming aware of the issue.

HBO GO users responded on Twitter with tweets such as, " literally not one person I know can log in. not really *some* users dudes" and "I'll be over here ripping my hair out."

TV viewers had much better luck, having been able to catch the finale in its entirety.

Were you one of True Detective's unlucky fans?