Happy Birthday, Wilmer Valderrama! The Craziest and Funniest Things He’s Ever Done!

Happy 33rd birthday, Wilmer Valderrama! As rumors hit that the Colombian-Venezuelan star may run for President one day, we are counting down some of the craziest and funniest things this star has ever done. Enjoy!

1. Wilmer Valderrama Birthday Slide #2

The Venezuelan-Colombian actor lends his voice for Voto Latino's cause and is insanely hilarious in all of their PSA's - especially this telenovela spoof, La Pasión De La Decision, starring Rosario Dawson. We love his line, "Lola please, you are just bitter because you are unmarried and have many cats."

2. Wilmer Balderrama Bday: Majandra Delfino

Actress Majandra Delfino revealed that he's the silliest best friend ever, "because he just gets me. We mostly just hang out at home and make face masks from natural ingredients like avocados or coconuts, or we'll do scalp treatments and then watch re-runs of Charmed. He's the best." What a great Hollywood BFF!

3. Wilmer Valderrama Birthday Slide #3

Meet Wilmer's alter ego Eduardo Fresco! The That 70's Show star transforms into a pop star for the parody video "The Way I Fiesta." Yes, we want to be invited to one of those parties!

4. Wilmer Valderrama Birthday Slide 4

Valderrama managed to steal almost every single scene as Fez on the syndicated Fox show, That 70's Show. You can tell it was even difficult for Donna (played by Laura Prepon) and Jackie (played by Mila Kunis) to resist laughing in this one!

5. Wilmer Valderrama Birthday Slide #5

Who inspired his funny side? Wilmer credits I Love Lucy's Desi Arnaz in an interview with Chelsea Handler. He definitely reps the old school television icon and we kinda love it!

6. Wilmer Valderrama Bday: Album

The talented star hopes to crossover into a music career. "I don’t want to mirror anyone. I admire tons of artists, but I want to have my own feel and vibe. I want it to be a futuristic take on the rhythms and sounds I grew up with. For me, it’s all about creating an entity and a new chapter that feels like a brand new human being in a sense," he added, "I want to combine all the soulful and spiritual journeys that I’ve had into music." If it means more Wilmer in our lives than why not?

7. Wilmer Balderrama Bday: Beach

He doesn't let the paparazzi get him down! The actor was recently snapped relaxing topless in Miami Beach, Florida. Can we knock him for it? Nope. Keep on flaunting the goods Wilmer!

8. Wilmer Valderrama Birthday Slide #8

In case you didn't know, Wilmer makes an awesome impression of Forrest Gump. Check out the video below to find out what we mean!