Happy Birthday Ryan Lochte! 29 Photos of This Olympic Hottie

Ryan Lochte turns 29 today! In celebration of the gold medalist’s birthday, here are his 29 hottest photos that will have you needing to cool off with a swim… wink wink.

1. ryan slide 01

Ryan wins a silver medal at the 2012 Olympic Games but we would definitely give him gold for being a total hottie!

2. ryan slide 02

Round of applause for those dimples.

3. ryan slide 03

As much as we love Ryan in a speedo, we can agree we love also love him in a suit.

4. ryan slide 04

He definitely wins major points for that Colgate smile.

5. ryan slide 05

We don’t know if Ryan’s pensive or just showing off his excellent facial features…

6. ryan slide 06

Love the leather jacket… but would love it off even more.

7. ryan slide 07

Ryan stealing the spotlight from the models backstage at Fashion Week.

8. ryan slide 08

The New York Times gushed over Lochte’s “twinkling blue eyes, aquiline nose and dimpled smile.” We’re on board the gush fest!

9. ryan slide 09

Lochte shows us that he loves us ladies by attending an event hosted by female brands. We ladies love you too Ryan!

10. ryan slide 10

Nothing sexier than a man who cleans up nice!

11. ryan slide 11

Ryan shows us his professional side and that he could pass the ‘meet the parents’ test. We would love to bring you home.

12. ryan slide 12

Hi to you too… and those abs!

13. ryan slide 13

Stylish too. What doesn’t this man have?

14. ryan slide 14

Another great style moment as this Olympian shows men it’s not hard to dress casual but keep it professional.

15. ryan slide 15

Wow! We definitely agree with the fan’s reaction behind him.

16. ryan slide 16

Tell us we’re not the only ones who melt every time Lochte is in a speedo.

17. ryan slide 17

Wet, built arms? Yes, please!

18. ryan slide 18

What we would do for you to be waving at us.

19. ryan slide 19

How can you resist that charm?

20. ryan slide 20

We would get him dry clothes this cuban looks muy caliente.

21. ryan slide 21

Olympic Talk blog called him “the face of America’s 2012 Olympic team.” And with good reason.

22. ryan 22

Ryan was only the fourth man ever to appear on the cover of Vogue. We wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of their best selling issues.

23. ryan slide 23

Team U.S.A!

24. ryan slide 24


25. ryan slide 25

Hubba, hubba. Do we need to say anything?

26. ryan slide 26

The gold medalist is a big fan of fashion. And we’re a big fan of him.

27. ryan slide 27

Can we switch places with the model?

28. ryan slide 28

Ryan melts our hearts as he takes his niece Dalia on a walk. Adorable!

29. ryan slide 29

Men’s Fitness ranked him number one on its list of best summer bodies. We could surely see why.