Happy Birthday, Bobby Cannavale! 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Him

Happy Birthday to the superbly talented Bobby Cannavale! The Cuban-American (and dare we say insanely good-looking) actor known in the Broadway world turns 43 today! In honor of his special day, we've listed 20 things you didn't know about him:

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He’s a Tony nominee

Cannavale has a passion for the stage, and it’s a good thing because he certainly has an amazing talent for giving unforgettable performances! The Latino has been nominated for a Tony Award not once, but twice! The first was in 2008 for his portrayal of Dennis in Mauritius, and the second was in 2011 for his role alongside Chris Rock in The Motherfucker With the Hat.

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He can play gay

Many of you probably remember Cannavale as Will’s (Eric McCormack) kind hearted cop boyfriend, and later husband, Vince on the groundbreaking show Will and Grace. Critics certainly noticed since he took home an Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his work! He stole every scene he was in, and we doubt there was anyone watching who didn’t fall completely in love with the actor.

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He’s engaged to Bridesmaids star Rose Byrne

Down ladies, Cannavale is off the market! The actor has been most recently linked with Bridesmaids actress Rose Byrne. We wish the two of them a true happily ever after!

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He was in Station Agent

Did you ever catch the 2003 indie dramedy The Station Agent? If not we know what your plans should be tonight! Cannavale stars in the movie as a Cuban American operating a snack station for his father while his dad is recovering from an illness. Like you need any reason other than the fact that Cannavale’s in it to watch but, just in case, the film also won multiple awards and features Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage, so you really can’t go wrong!

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He was on an episode of Sex and the City

He may not have won any awards for his guest appearance on the famous HBO show Sex and the City, but that certainly doesn’t mean his performance was anything less than memorable! Cannavale plays one of Samantha’s sexual escapades (as if that doesn’t tell you enough) who has a problem in the bedroom that she just can’t seem to fix – and that’s all we’re going to say. Check out season 3 episode 9 and we promise you’ll never look at the actor quite the same way again!

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He’s worked with the legendary Woody Allen

We wonder if there’s an unofficial rule in Hollywood stating that an actor just hasn’t made it until he’s worked with the unequivocally incredible Woody Allen. If that’s the case then come this summer Cannavale will have officially arrived! Out this year is Woody Allen’s newest flick Blue Jasmine in which the actor works alongside Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin. According to Newsday.com the actor didn’t expect much when he took the meeting with Allen, but he was basically handed the part on the spot – talk about flattering!

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He wasn’t a star student

While he is an A+ actor, he didn’t always find the same success in school. “I didn’t quite graduate, because I didn’t have the credits, because I failed math every year, so I had to go to summer school, which I almost didn’t do,” Cannavale relented according to The New York Times. “But I did, I got my diploma.”

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His son is the center of his world

Likely due to the fact that Cannavale grew up without his father, spending time with his son Jake is this Latno’s most important priority. “The biggest part of my life is my son,” stated Cannavale according to The New York Times. “I’ve never had discipline for anything like I do for raising Jake.” Awwww – we think we might have a worthy contestant for father of the year!

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He gives back

Cannavale’s not content to keep his acting secrets to himself; he wants to give back to his community as well! The Cuban actor could recently be found with high school theater students from the Bronx teaching them the ins and outs of the craft he’s all but mastered.

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He clowns around

Did you find yourself oddly attracted to vengeful clown Lewis on a season 3 episode of Modern Family? Since he often times takes on some more serious roles, it’s fun to see Cannavale ham it up for the camera…even if he still has a bit of a dark side.   

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He started young

Cannavale first found his love for acting in his school theater productions. Two of his early acting experiences were in The Music Man as Winthrop and as a gangster in Guys and Dolls.

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He landed in his dream role

Cannavale had his eye on a play entitled Big Knife ever since he fell in love with it at the Williamstown Theater Festival over a decade ago. It’s clear he doesn’t rest until his desires become realities, and his longtime dream of the show’s Broadway revival with him as lead character Charlie Castle came true this April!

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He lived in Puerto Rico

Not only is he of Cuban descent, Cannavale also spent a few years during his childhood in Puerto Rico with his mother and step-father.

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He worked with his son

Did you ever catch an episode of Showtime’s Nurse Jackie last season and wonder who the green haired kid who arguably pushed drug addicted Jackie (Edie Falco) to reveal the root of her pill-popping ways? If you guessed that it’s Cannavale’s multitalented son Jake then you hit the nail on the head! “You never actually expect to work with your kid, and I love being around him, so it was just another facet of our relationship,” stated Cannavale about having his son on the hit show according to Huffington Post.

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He has a dark side

We all know that Cannavale isn’t just jaw-droppingly handsome; he also has a heart of gold. Fans of HBO’s smash hit Boardwalk Empire might have a questioned his kindness, though, when he played violent bootlegger Gyp Rosetti. “You’re laughing at him but also terrified,” confessed the show’s creator Terence Winter according to The New York Times. This is just another instance where the Latino’s true talent for acting shines through!

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He’s worked with his idol

How many people in the world get to say they’ve had the opportunity to meet let along work with their idol? Our guess is not that many. Cannavale, however, is one of those lucky few! The Cuban’s dream came true when he starred alongside the legendary Al Pacino on Broadway’s revival of Glengarry Glen Ross.

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Sidney Lumet was a father figure

Speaking of legends, we bet you can’t guess who acted as a father figure to Cannavale. Award winning, highly regarded director, producer, and screenwriter Sidney Lumet was always there to support and, of course, to talk endlessly about acting.

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He’s linked to lovely ladies

He might be taken now but, not surprisingly Cannavale has been linked to some beautiful women in the past. The actor was married to screenwriter and daughter of Sidney Lumet, Jenny Lumet, with whom he had his son Jake. He also dated actress Annabella Sciorra, The Newsroom actress Alison Pill, and Broadway and Bunheads star Sutton Foster.

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He doesn’t speak Italian

Whenever the talented actor delivered a line in Italian on Boardwalk Empire most would guess that he is a native speaker, however, that’s certainly NOT the case. Despite the fact that his father is Italian, Cannavale worked with a private dialogue coach to get the accent and pronunciations just right.

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He’s a New Yorker at heart

He was born on the East Coast in New Jersey, and on the East Coast he seems to want to stay. This Cuban considers himself a true New Yorker at heart!