10 Things You Didn’t Know About Melanie Iglesias

Melanie Iglesias is the new star of MTV’s Girl Code, a show about how women navigate love and relationships. The model has definitely come a long way from being picked as Maxim’s Hometown Hottie! Here are 10 things you should know about the rising Latina star.


She is on-again and off-again with Vinny Guadagnino:

The Guy Code co-stars started dating last year, but hit a rough patch around December. After the Jersey Shore star confessed to the media that the hot couple had been dating for “several months,” Iglesias went on the record and tweeted, “You were never my boyfriend.” Wow, what a stab to the heart!

A few months later, they reconciled and were spotted attending Knicks games together and sharing love notes on Twitter. But the love may have faded! A few days ago the Latina model tweeted, “Finally came to my senses and did the right thing. #free.”


She’s a Brooklyn girl:

Melanie was born-and-raised in Brooklyn and now lives in Manhattan. The 25-year-old beauty is of Puerto Rican, Italian, and Filipino descent.



She was featured in Vibe Magazine’s ‘30 Sexiest Celebrities Under 30 in 2012’:

The beautiful star was featured as one of the top 30 celebs under 30 “bringing sexy back” in 2012. Yes, that sounds pretty accurate to us!



Maxim loves her:

In 2010, the publication launched their annual search for the sexiest unknown girl. Melanie ended up beating out over 7,000 applicants and won the title of the Hometown Hotties Champion. Within a few years, she has worked her way up to Maxim’s Hot 100 and graced the special edition cover, which was on newsstands for three months in a row.



She’s known for being featured in ‘The hottest video on the Internet’:

Melanie has been known for producing sexy Flip Book videos that keep her fans begging for more. In this one, she’s featured playfully stripping and playing dress up. No wonder all the fellas are in love with her!


She likes body hair – on men:

In an interview with Ask Men, Melanie confessed, “A big grooming mistake that guys make is probably getting rid of all their body hair. I think that most girls do like it and find it sexy, and when it grows back, it's kind of itchy if you're going to cuddle with them.” So leave the razor behind, chicos


She has hidden talents:

Melanie doesn’t take herself too seriously. She does a spot-on impression of Ms. Swan from Mad TV, plays poker, and knows how to talk with her mouth closed. Seriously.


She wants to conquer Hollywood:

Melanie has credited herself as a model, singer, and songwriter, but now she wants to add Hollywood actress to the mix. With a reported net worth of $200,000, that number is just going to keep on growing!


She’s a Gemini:

Watch out fellas! She has a split personality thanks to her zodiac sign. Her birthday is on June 18th.


She loves courtroom TV shows:

Melanie may secretly have a thing for Judge Judy. The model recently tweeted, “What the hell? My TV has seven thousand channels and not one is dedicated to courtroom TV shows.” Talk about a guilty pleasure.