Get Bella Thorne’s Red Hair Color!

In our recent interview with Cuban American Bella Thorne, the Shake It Up! star revealed a little-known fact: she’s actually a natural dark blonde. Once we heard this, we had to find out exactly how to copy her unique color and Bella happily passed along her colorist’s name: Rona O’Connor, who co-owns Lukaro Salon in Los Angeles. “Bella and I wanted her to have a hair color that was fiery and fun, but also natural-looking,” Rona shared.

To get the color: Rona dyes Bella’s dark blonde hair a golden copper shade every four weeks. She leaves the dye on for thirty minutes, then applies a Goldwell toner (which adds shine and dimension) for fifteen minutes. Then—every two to three months—she weaves golden highlights and ruby lowlights through Bella’s hair. Ask your colorist to do the same, or check out L’Oreal Paris Excellence Crème in 8RB Reddish Blonde ($9, and tone your own hair with Aveda Madder Root Color Conditioner ($18,