Exclusive Outtakes From Naya Rivera's October 2013 Cover Shoot!

Want more of our October cover star Naya Rivera? Check out some of these exclusive quotes from Naya’s cover shoot and don't miss the rest of her interview on newsstands September 10!

1. Naya Rivera Latina Cover Outtakes 1

On Her Playlist

“I love singing Adele and Lana Del Rey is super dope. And Top 40 stuff. I get influences when I am writing from everywhere; I listen to so much music that it’s easy to just grab what you need.”

2. Naya Rivera Latina Cover Outtakes 2

On Her DVR:

“I watch Girls, House of Cards, Modern Family, and American Horror Story I love; even TV movies are so good.”

3. Naya Rivera Latina Cover Outtakes 3

Humble Upbringings

“I had a great childhood and have a great family. My siblings are awesome and no matter what happened financially we always made the best of it.”

4. Naya Rivera Latina Cover Outtakes 4

In The Kitchen

“I like cooking everything. I get on food blogs and save recipes and go back and make them. I make fried chicken, I’m in charge of the macaroni and cheese on holidays. I can make lasagnas and pastas - I’m a good cook!”

5. Naya Rivera Latina Cover Outtakes 5

Dreams Fulfilled

“I had made a vision board in 2006 or 2007 after I graduated high school. In 2008 I found it. I looked at it and I could take everything off from the board.”

6. Naya Rivera Latina Cover Outtakes 6

Aw, Shucks

“The fact that this is the ‘Hollywood Hot List’ issue and I’m on the cover is pretty amazing, I mean, I was shocked. They called me to do the cover and it’s a really big deal. It’s my second time being on Latina magazine’s cover and that’s an honor in and of itself - to be featured on such a big issue is even more exciting, so I was absolutely thrilled and honored.”

7. Naya Rivera Latina Cover Outtakes 7

EAVL - English As a Vacation Language

“If I go to Mexico on a vacation, by the second day I am only speaking Spanish.”

8. Naya Rivera Latina Cover Outtakes 8

Breaking Down Boundaries

“When people look at me, I genuinely think they don’t see me as anything other than Naya which is crazy and so cool. I feel like I've gotten to a place where I have transcended color lines and it’s a big testament to playing a lesbian character on TV because everyone’s so accepting of everything and I think that’s beautiful.”

9. Naya Rivera Latina Cover Outtakes 9

Dating Lessons

“You learn something from everyone that you date. You learn what you want and don’t want.”

10. Naya Rivera Latina Cover Outtakes 10


“I had to work regular jobs, but I think I wouldn't have it any other way because it strengthened my work ethic. You have to work hard to get what you want. I never liked any of the jobs, but I loved being a nanny and I still hang out with those kids.  I was actually a nanny until the third episode of Glee aired.”