Exclusive Outtakes From the Devious Maids Cast May 2014 Cover Shoot!

Want more of our May 2014 cover stars, the gorgeous Devious Maids? Check out these exclusive quotes from Ana Ortiz, Dania Ramirez, Edy Ganez, Judy Reyes and Roselyn Sanchez's cover shoot, and don't miss the rest of their interview on newsstands April 8!

1. Ana Ortiz

On her character this season:

"Marisol is not a maid anymore. She’s engaged to a really wealthy man, she’s writing a book about her experiences as a maid, and with her son and everything like that. But she’s definitely sort of in this crazy crossroads because she developed such incredibly close friendships with these women and now she’s not in that circle anymore, so it's like how do they negotiate their relationship now, these women."

2. Dania Ramirez

On all the critics:

"I felt really confident throughout the show because I knew that we were part of something more special than people that were criticizing could really foresee. So that was what sort of kept me calm about the whole thing. And to be honest with you, I was just very vocal about the fact that we really needed to support one another as Latin people. Marisol (Ana Ortiz) is a great representation on the show. She is like the Latin woman of today and who we want to aspire to be. She’s educated and she doesn’t have an accent and she is this sort of savvy woman. But there’s also other people because it would be a little unrealistic to have a show with all Latin people and only to show one side."

3. Edy Ganem

On the criticisms surrounding the show:

"I would be lying if I said that it didn’t bother me a little. I was just like ugh! But it was mainly cause I was frustrated that all these people were talking without even knowing anything. No one had seen anything, so they were making assumptions based on nothing. And as you know once the show aired it totally subsided and everything changed."

4. Judy Reyes

On what the show means to her a year later:

"I’m just savoring every moment now that I’m older. It’s a steady paycheck. It’s a new circle of creative people and friends to be around. It’s really good. The Latino connection with the show is very special to me, as are the women I'm working with. I’m a mother, and I’m working, so I’m a different actor now. I’m very present now. When I was doing Scrubs for eight years, it was the most incredible time in my life and my career, but I felt more lucky, then. I felt like it was something that just happened to me. This feels more earned. I feel like I’m just working for every single moment and I feel very clear about every single moment that I’m choosing when I’m on set. Those moments as an actor, as that character, Zoila, feel so much more vivid to me than they did back then when I was doing Scrubs."

5. Roselyn Sanchez

On the pressure to represent:

"It's like we have something to prove, and not only to the business that is not controlled by Latinos, but then we have something to prove to our own people."

6. Ana Ortiz

On words of wisdom from Eva Longoria:

"She just said I believe in you guys, these guys are wrong. When they see the show, the proof is in the pudding. And she was completely right."

7. Dania Ramirez

On the world of Hollywood & how it portrays women and minorities:

"Hollywood does everybody dirty. Hollywood does women dirty. I mean if you really want, from a feminist perspective, I can go out and say how many real strong female characters are there? But what are you gunna do, not work?"

8. Edy Ganem

On working with four other Latina leads:

"I almost feel like I can’t believe I’m a part of it. I always think I could have booked any TV show, as a lead of whatever TV show, but I always think about the fact that it’s a Marc Cherry show with five Latinas and I'm one of them and the other four are these other women that everybody knows."

9. Judy Reyes

On her relationship with Edy Ganem:

"I’m very close to her. I feel very close to her. It’s more if anything because I relate to the relationship. I’m one of four daughters. It just feels so familiar to me, so I look at Edy in some of these scenes and I already get emotional."

10. Roselyn Sanchez

On balancing work and life:

"You can’t think about it too much...you just have to get up and do it. And I am blessed with an amazing husband that is in the business and he understands and supports what I do, plus he's an incredible father. I have a great nanny, great grandparents and a beautiful team of people who help as much as they can. It’s not easy, I’m not gonna lie to you. A lot of times it's really hard, but you do it for the love. You’re not going to turn down a job because you have to do it, it's work. This business is not easy and you just gotta count your blessings and work!"

11. Edy Ganem

On her ethnic background:

"[I'm] Mexican and Lebanese, but I don’t necessarily relate to the Lebanese as much because I don’t really speak the language and I’ve never been to Lebanon. Both of my parents are part Mexican and part Lebanese. They are actually both from a town in Mexico called Torreón and there’s a Lebanese community there. My dad’s dad died when I was really young, so I feel like the whole Lebanese side got lost a lot. My mom's mom passed when she was really young so I never got to know her, so yeah they lost the language, they lost a whole lot of that. All we ever do is eat some Lebanese food and that’s as much as we can relate. I do wanna go to Lebanon. I still feel like I really want to check it out but more than anything I’m Mexican and my family is still in Mexico."

12. Roselyn Sanchez

On her favorite music:

"I hear everything, but I’m an Alejandro Sanz fanatic and a Beyonce fanatic. When I’m doing a photo shoot I listen to salsa. I just did a photo shoot and they had Celia Cruz playing the whole time. But if I had to pick one artist, it's Alejandro Sanz."