EXCLUSIVE: Mike Catherwood on Lacey Schwimmer: "There's Nothing Romantic Going On"

The thing that brought attention to Mike Catherwood (aside from his terrible dance moves) on Dancing With the Stars, was the radio personality's rumored relationship with his season 12 dancing partner, Lacey Schwimmer.

Amid rumors that the two have been canoodling and dating off-screen, we asked the 32-year-old Catherwood if there's any truth to the buzz that he and Schwimmer are an item. “We’re not {dating}," Catherwood explained. "But we’re certainly…I’m very close to Lacey and I really enjoy her company.”

Last week, Schwimmer said she and Mike “would make a great couple,” and admitted she’s seen him “from the waist down completely nude now.” Mike added fuel to the rumors of a romance when he said that “the best part about the routine was grabbing her butt.” Their constant flirting and sexual chemistrty became so glaringly obvious that ABC, the network that airs the wholesome family show, reportedly asked Catherwood and Schwimmer to tone down the dirty dancing. “I can understand how people may misinterpret that,” Catherwood told us of their flirty behavior with one another, “but there's nothing romantic going on. “

And as for his early elimination from the show — Catherwood was the first to be booted on last night's show — Mike tells us it wasn't a complete surprise. "Certainly I think there were dancers on the show that were as bad as I was," he said. "But at the same time I can understand why I'm going home first. It's not like I'm surprised. I didn't have a big fan base and I didn't dance very well, so the writing was on the wall."

The young radio personality and co-host of Loveline with Dr. Drew, added that he has no regrets about the experience. "Absolutely zero — it was such an amazing experience," he said. Especially since he's gotten new fans from being on the show. "The exposure of Dancing with the Stars is ridiculous," he explains. "It's such a popular show and it's been fantastic. It's also kind of helped me in a weird way with my career goals because spending more time on TV gave me the chance to work different broadcasting muscles."