EXCLUSIVE: Michelle Rodriguez Talks Turbo, Fast & Furious and Red Carpet Fashion

Speaking of Letty, she seems to have gotten her happy ending in Fast & Furious 6. What can we expect to see in the 7th installment of the film?

I really don't know officially where the next story is going to take us yet. It's very similar to when I was working on Lost. We upped the ante so much in every episode that we really didn't know what would be coming up next. I think we're at a place now [in the Fast & Furious series] that the story will focus more on what these guys are all about. Can they live life on the other side of the tracks? Or is there something that resonates inside of them that will make them realize that maybe this new way of life isn't for them. I think the next movie is going to be about challenging them to live their lives on the right side of the tracks. When you live the fast and the furious way, facing danger every second, it will be tough to live a mediocre lifestyle.

As a person, your style is normally pretty casual but you always manage to glam it up when you hit a red carpet. What is your secret?

I think the most important thing to focus on is health. For me, when my skin starts getting dry, or I see some wrinkles, or I just feel like my energy is low, the first thing I think about is: what am I eating and what am I doing for exercise? Something as simple as going dancing or taking bike rides around the neighborhood could make a big difference. For me it's not about the make-up or the clothing. Pay attention to what you are putting into your body. Are you eating too much fried food or junk food? If you are, then you need to chill out!

Turbo hits theaters July 17!