EXCLUSIVE: Big Time Rush's Carlos Pena, Jr. On Touring With Victoria Justice, Dating a Latina & Learning Spanish

As the only Latino in Big Time Rush, what sort of influence has your Latin background had on the band's music and performances?

We all have different backgrounds and we bring different strengths to the group. I think listening to merengue and salsa has been really helpful. I try to bring that to the stage when showing the boys dances. You gotta show them how to move their hips!

How do you feel you have been an influence on the Latino community?

You know what, I don’t think I have had a good opportunity but I definitely see that in my near future. I’m definitely trying to get back to my roots. I’ve really been practicing on my Spanish. I got a Rosetta Stone and I’ve just been trying to get back to all the conjugating of verbs and stuff like that. Trying to figure it out once again!

All the girls want to know: are you single, are you dating? What’s going on?

I am very much in a relationship but she is Latina, so it’s all good.

So are the rumors true? Is it Alexa Vega?

They are! She’s Colombian.

Very cool, that’s awesome! What would you say are some of the things that drew you to her?  

I mean you know, Latinas have the best bodies, so that was definitely a huge plus. She is such a sweetheart and she is so driven, kind of like me. She's actually on tour with me for a little bit. The other day we were shopping in the mall, and I ran in to go find her in a store and I said ‘Hey, have you seen a small girl, blonde hair curly?’ They started laughing and said ‘Let me guess, Alexa, because y’all personalities are exactly the same.'