EXCLUSIVE: Big Time Rush's Carlos Pena, Jr. On Touring With Victoria Justice, Dating a Latina & Learning Spanish

We can't lie, Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush has become one of our favorite guilty pleasures, and we have Carlos Pena, Jr. to thank for that.

The 23-year-old -- who was born to a Spanish and Venezuelan father, and Dominican mother -- took a break from his summer tour to talk to us about fellow touring buddy Victoria Justice, learning how to speak Spanish, and his relationship with a famous Latina celeb.

For the full scoop, read our interview with Carlos below:

What’s it been like touring with Victoria [Justice]?

It’s great. Just to get time to hang out after the show and get to her know her, get to see her work. She’s a really cool girl.

Were you guys friends before the tour kicked off?

Yeah. We are both on the same network [Nickelodeon], so we seen each other here and there, but we've really only spent a lot of time together recently on tour.

I’ve heard you met the Haunted Hathaways cast. What was that like? Do you think we can see you coming out on an episode anytime soon?

I did, they were awesome, oh man! That show is really awesome. It really was amazing. [As far as an episode apperance] I will tell you that if I get back, and they are still shooting, I will definitely go and try and do that.