Exclusive Outtakes From Evelyn Lozada’s August 2013 Cover Shoot!

Want more of our August cover star Evelyn Lozada? Check out some of these exclusive quotes from Evelyn’s cover shoot and don't miss the rest of her interview on newsstands July 9!

1. Evelyn Lozada Outtakes 1

On growing up in NYC:

"I was born in Brooklyn. I was born in Bushwick, on Putnam Avenue, then lived in Ridgewood, Queens and then when I was around 11, we moved to the Bronx."

2. Evelyn Lozada Outtakes 2

On raising her now 20-year-old daughter Shaniece:

“We’re like best friends but she knows when it comes to me being her mother that, you know, I’m going to be on you’re a** and I’m going to check you about anything that’s going on. And I think now and for the rest of her life, whether she gets married or not, she’s going to come and she’s going to be like, ‘Mom, this is how I feel’ because I’m really honest and straightforward. But she’s different from me in a lot of ways. She’s very, very quiet and very reserved.”

3. Evelyn Lozada Outtakes 3

On being a reality TV star:

“When it first aired, I remember first thinking, ‘I hate my voice.’ I was like, ‘Do I really sound like that? I sound very New York!’ But I guess I am. If you give them footage to air, they’re going to use it. You always hear people saying, ‘Oh well, they edited it in a certain way.’ No. The things that I’ve said, I’ve said. The things that I’ve done, I’ve done. And I’m not always proud of it, but I did it.”

4. Evelyn Lozada Outtakes 4

On her relationship with Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson:

“When times were good, times were great. We would laugh a lot. It was just one of those things… There was nothing in the middle — when it was great, it was great; but when it was bad, it was real bad. There was no in between.”

5. Evelyn Lozada Outtakes 5

On the head-butting incident and domestic abuse:

“We had issues. Nothing like that though. Obviously nothing like that. But I will say this: what’s sad is that if that day, if I didn’t have physical wounds, I probably would’ve walked right into that house [after arguing] because I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to know. I would’ve been embarrassed. I wouldn’t have wanted my family to know. I think that happens a lot with women and even men because I’ve had a lot of men, especially gay men, tell me that they’ve been in abusive relationships. You’re embarrassed and ashamed.”

6. Evelyn Lozada Outtakes 6

On plans to start a foundation for victims of domestic violence:

“Being an advocate for domestic violence, you don’t choose that. I got chosen via the circumstances that happened. But I cannot imagine me being in that situation and not being able to do anything, just being stuck. So that’s how the foundation came about. To help women get out.”

7. Evelyn Lozada Outtakes 7

On being in the public eye forever:

“I really don’t [see myself doing this forever]. I see myself working behind the scenes — whether it’s working on my books or doing stuff on TV shows. I really want to have a family. And if that presented itself to me, I would probably just enjoy the moment because I feel like, with my daughter, it went by so fast! I really didn’t have the chance to just enjoy that moment of having a family. I have a desire for that.”