WATCH: Eva Longoria Gets Her Flirt On for Valentine's Day L'Oreal Ad

Eva Longoria may be a pro at proving to us that we "are worth it” in her L’Oreal ads, but now she’s tempting men to buy into the slogan as well. The Mexican American star, who signed on with the beauty company in 2005, is starring in a seductive new Valentine’s Day campaign for L'Oreal Paris Men Expert.

“Want to get the best out of your man on Valentine’s Day? Let Eva Longoria show you how to flirt it out of him,” the ad states. Fans then get a chance to take notes on Eva’s flirty ways, although she confesses, “Being sexy isn’t natural! We can’t to all the work!”

Eventually we are introduced to a (super) hunky male model she tries to clean up. Umm…is this the sort of cream that will turn our men into hot stars once they try it? Nah, maybe not, but we are sure she sold them!

Watch the ad below and let us know what you think!