EXCLUSIVE: Eva Longoria Talks Canon's Project Imaginat10n, Directing & Devious Maids!

Eva Longoria is a true powerhouse. Not only has she made a name for herself in political and philanthropic circles, but she's only continued to rise in Hollywood, thanks to her triple threat status of actor-producer-director.

Recently, she had another chance to show off her directing chops in Canon's "Project Imaginat10n," where five celebrities went behind the camera to film shorts inspired by user-submitted photographs. They're joined by five amateur filmmakers, chosen by a panel of judges including director Ron Howard, who oversaw the project. 

We caught up with Longoria to talk about her action short Out of the Blue, her co-star Amaury Nolasco, and more!

What drew you to this project initially? 

Well, at first they had approached me about it and told me about the opportunity and as soon as I heard Ron Howard's name, I was in. I love him! The project itself was such an interesting, creative challenge: to write and shoot a short film inspired by photographs. In some ways it was limiting, and in other ways it was unlimiting, freeing. Using these still images as sources of inspiration, these things that came from all over the country, that was really just exciting and a great challenge. 

Do you see more directing in your future?

Yeah, i do. This was the second time I directed, and I'm directing the season premiere of Devious Maids. I love directing short films and TV. You have a short amount of time and it's a fast and furious schedule. It's really fun for me.