EXCLUSIVE: Eva Longoria Talks Canon's Project Imaginat10n, Directing & Devious Maids!

What were the particular challenges of directing your short film, Out of the Blue?

This particular project was so challenging because I'm not only writing and directing this project, but I'm also acting in it! That's not my favorite part, directing things that I am in, but it was certainly a worthwhile challenge.  

And you cast Puerto Rican Amaury Nolasco as your co-star. How'd that go?

Oh, he's one of my great friends. He's family. We've known each other for 20 years, and we support each other. I was like, "C'mon, get in here! I want you in this!"

So you directed the season premiere of Devious Maids. What can we expect next season?

Honestly, so much more! It's so good, this season. There are 13 new episodes with a ton of new characters, new girls, and new twists. They're back and they're still devious.