6 Degrees of the Estefans!

Gloria and Emilio Estefan have been part of Hollywood since the late 70's. Throughout the years, they've made tons of connections and developed business relationships with a handful of celebrities. But that's not all, this famous couple has also touched the lives of so many artists by being mentors and guiding them along their careers. Here, we present to you, 6 degrees of the Estefans:

1. estefans slide 06 ariana grande

Ariana Grande

The talented 20-year-old singer was captured hugging Gloria at The Grammys this year. As it turns out, Gloria is the reason Ariana chose to pursue a singing career. "When I was eight years old I was on a cruise ship and I was singing at a karaoke place because I didn’t want to go to the kids club," Ariana explained. "I sang the 'Titantic’ actually, which is kind of funny actually because I was on a cruise ship! Actually Gloria Estefan was there."

She continued, "We didn’t know, but someone came over and said 'Can we speak to your daughter?' It was Gloria Estefan and she says 'Honey I just wanted to let you know that you have so much more than I did at your age. You have to keep going because you were meant to do this.' She kind of inspired me and I’ve always loved performing, so that’s kind of how I started.”

2. estefans slide 01 Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony

In June 2009, Gloria and Emilio bought a minority ownership stake in the Miami Dolphins. That same year it was announced that J.Lo and Marc would be part-owners of the team, alongside the Estefans.

3. estefans slide 02 shakira


The 36-year-old Colombiana just so happens to be Emilio's protege. During an interview on Oprah's Next Chapter earlier this year, Gloria revealed that she "fought hard" for Shakira and worked very closely with her before Shakira crossed over to mainstream music, which even included translating songs for the "Addicted to You" singer.

4. estefans slide 03 Sophi Alvarez

Sophi Alvarez

This 19-year-old Venezuelan American revealed to us during an interview that not only was she discovered by Emilio, she's also helped him compose music. "They are inspirational and down to earth," she told us about the Estefans. "I'm blessed to be around people who are so genuine, determined, and professional because it sets an example for the rest of us."

5. estefans slide 04 Lili Estefan

Lili Estefan

The TV personality, who hosted Sabado Gigante and El Gordo y La Flaca for several years, is the Estefans' niece on Emilio's side.

6. estefans slide 05 Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera

Gloria may not be Naya's real-life mamá, but the two did share a mother-daughter relationship when Gloria guest starred on Glee, playing the part of Santana's mother.