Did Jay-Z and Beyonce Get Pregnant in Cuba? Here Are 9 Signs That Point to Yes!

Are they or aren’t they? Multiple sources reported that Beyonce and Jay-Z are expecting a second child late last week, and since then the media has been on major baby bump watch! While the superstar couple has yet to confirm the rumors, if the pair is indeed pregnant with Blue Ivy’s sibling, we’re almost certain that the sure-to-be-adorable boy or girl was conceived during the couple’s romantic Cuban vacation. Here’s what we know:

1. Beyonce Got Pregnant in Cuba 1

The Setting Was Right

Vacations (especially tropical vacays) are the perfect time for reconnecting and romancing. In fact, two-thirds of couples surveyed by the U.S. Travel Association said a weekend getaway is more likely to ignite sparks than receiving a gift from their partners.

2. Beyonce Got Pregnant in Cuba 2

A Bigger Family Is On the Radar

Beyonce has often talked about how she hopes to give Blue Ivy a sibling. “I would like more children,” Bey told Good Morning America in early May. “I think [Blue Ivy] needs some company. I definitely love being a big sister.” No time like the present!

3. Beyonce Got Pregnant in Cuba 3

Aphrodisiacs Were Present

While in Cuba, Bey and Jay likely noshed on some of the country’s famous produce. Among the country’s native tropical fruits, bananas and plantains make up over 70% of Cuban agriculture—and are acknowledged the world over as aphrodisiacs due to their phallic shape.

4. Beyonce Got Pregnant in Cuba 4

Mums the Word – For Now

The two vacationed in Havana during the week of April 4, which would put Bey at about 6-7 weeks along. Generally, women don’t share their pregnancy until they are least several months in, and she likely won’t begin to show for another few weeks. Hmm, no wonder she’s keeping “mum” for the time being….

5. Beyonce Got Pregnant in Cuba 5

The Timing Is Right

Beyonce’s world tour is slated to end on August 5, which means that she would only be four months along by the time the tour wrapped. That’s perfect, since the second trimester is when breathlessness begins and a baby bump starts to show—and neither Bey nor her costume designer would want to deal with those obstacles onstage!

6. Beyonce Got Pregnant in Cuba 6

For Jay-Z, Too

Likewise, Jay-Z wraps up the final leg of his world tour on October 28. This ensures that he would still make it home for most of his wife’s final trimester—and of course, the birth!

7. Beyonce Got Pregnant in Cuba 7

Dancing = Foreplay

One of the sexiest, most sensual styles of dance, salsa dancing is known to invoke feelings of passion among partners—and we’ve all seen Beyonce show off her moves in that video clip from the couple’s Caribbean vacay. http://www.complex.com/music/2013/04/watch-beyonce-do-the-salsa-in-cuba Nothing like a little dance floor foreplay.

8. Beyonce Got Pregnant in Cuba 8

The Pressure Is On

Beyonce and Jay-Z were in Cuba to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. While that fact may not seem particularly noteworthy, tons of their celeb peers had already given birth to multiple children by the time they celebrated five years together. Examples include: Jessica Alba and Cash Warren, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, and Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Are music’s top couple feeling some pressure to catch up?

9. Beyonce Got Pregnant in Cuba 9

Sexy Ambiance Could Have Helped

The pair dined at Havana’s famous La Guarida restaurant, which is known for its exceptional food and romantic ambiance. (The Guardian even called it “the greatest and most magical” restaurant in Cuba.) If that’s not enough to get you and your partner in the baby-making mood, we don’t know what is…