Department of Homeland Security Forced to Apologize for Racist Costume

Ahh, so these are the nice people responsible for kicking our cousins out of the country: The Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement division is all in a flap over racist costumes that showed up at a Halloween party held for agency employees, reports ABC News. Julie Myers, the assistant secretary overseeing la migra has apologized after she personally awarded "most original costume" to a white employee dressed in prison stripes, dreadlocks, and...wait for it....blackface makeup.


Oh Jesucito, we don't even know what could be going through this unprintable, unprintable woman's head...but boy, are we thrilled that she has such a high position in la migra. Too bad the photos of her with the modern-day Sambo guy are no longer up on Flickr...along with photos of other allegedly offensive costumes. The world should be able to see this blatant idiocy.