EXCLUSIVE: Denise Vasi on William Levy – “We Have to Clone Him For Women Everywhere!”

We have had Denise Vasi on our radar way before the season two premiere of VH1's hit show, Single Ladies!  The Dominican and Puerto Rican actress plays Raquel, a successful businesswoman, and childhood friend of Keisha, who has recently broken off her engagement due to her fiancé’s cheating ways. One of the perks of her new role is working alongside William Levy, who plays her love interest Antonio.

We chatted with the star about her new role, sharing love scenes with the Cuban heartthrob, and more!

Do you find any similarities between you and your character Raquel?

"We are very different, but whenever you are playing a character you have to find the ways that you are similar. For me, I went through a similar journey of asking, ‘what do I really want to do with my life?’ I really wanted to be an actress, but I struggled with what my parents were going to think. I had to sit down and ask myself the same questions, ‘what do I want?’ and ‘how can I look out for myself?’ She’s asking herself the same questions and I think we have all been there."

Before you started on the show, there were some rumors about cattiness between the actresses on the show. What has your experience been like while filming? 

"I have not experienced anything like that. Everyone welcomed me with open arms. They told me what clothes to bring on set, where the healthy spots to eat are in Atlanta, and as we get ready to wrap the season, we have formed a genuine friendship."

William Levy plays your love interest on the show. What has it been like filming with him?

"He’s back on set right now and he’s everything you imagine him to be. Besides stating the obvious, that he’s handsome and sexy, he’s so humble and so sweet. He’s constantly cracking jokes and is super funny. He’s just a genuinely good person and an incredible father. He’s always talking about his kids. It’s almost like he’s too good to be true. We have to clone him for women everywhere!"

What's one thing most women would be surprised to find out about William Levy?

"He loves to eat. I remember us meeting for lunch to talk about our characters and I tell you one thing, that was my last meal with him because he ordered fries, onion rings, and then said, ‘Ok, what are we getting for dessert?’ I looked at him and asked, ‘How do you eat like this?’"

What’s it like filming the love scenes together?

"It’s very technical because there are lights, cameras, and crew behind you. We are playing characters. I have someone in my life and William has someone in his life, so for me it was just important to get to know each other beforehand to make sure I was comfortable. They were each other’s first love, so I think the storyline line is just really sweet."

What advice would you give to single women out there?

"My advice to single women would be to just enjoy being single. I have a lot of single girlfriends and I think sometimes, because of the pressure of society or family, we spend a lot of time being single and thinking it’s a negative thing. It’s actually a gift because you have the opportunity to focus on yourself.  You get to do more of the things that you love without worrying about this other person. You can be more selfish."

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