Demi Lovato Spills on Her Career: "I’m Thankful For Where I Am Today"

Demi Lovato is on top of the world!

Besides garnering the #1 spot on the airplay charts for her hit single from her Unbroken album, “Give Your Heart a Break,” the Texan popstar won the VMA for “Best Video With a Message” and delivered an energetic pre-show performance last Thursday.

Now she is preparing to own the judge’s table for the upcoming season of X Factor. In an exclusive conference call, Demi reflected on what it really takes to shine as an entertainer. “I think you have to go through so much to be able to make it to where you are. You have to make a lot of sacrifices,” she says. 

The 20-year-old singer, who survived a downward spiral that led her to attend a treatment center back in 2011, says, “I’m thankful for where I am today.” Which is a create place considering her upcoming mentoring gig alongside, Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, and L.A. Reid.

“I think a part of this competition is we have to make the artist in the competition realize that it’s not just about getting on stage and who has the best voice and who has the best performance. It’s about making a pop star, and ultimately, signing someone who has what it takes performance-wise and also drive-wise,” she expresses.

As far as her judging style, fans can expect Demi to be stern, but she’s leaving the bullying language out of her vocabulary. “I think bullying is something that’s totally different than criticism."

"Bullying, I think, can be when you’re just...harsh really for no reason,” she adds. “I think definitely there could be a fine line between some jokes, but for me, ultimately, I’m just having fun and trying to give them criticism.”

X Factor premieres this Wednesday at 8 pm on Fox. Get a sneak peek of what to expect below. Will you be watching?