Dania Ramirez on Being a Latina In Hollywood: "There Aren’t Enough Jobs"

Dania Ramirez may be starring as the female lead in the action film, Premium Rush, but the Dominican actress admits that being a Latina in Hollywood isn't the easiest role to play. 

The American Reunion star gets candid about her role as a maid named Rosa in the new Lifetime series co-executive produced by Eva Longoria, Devious Maids. "I’m really proud of portraying the Latin community with this role, simply because there aren’t enough jobs for Latinos in Hollywood,” said Dania to NBC Latino.

Some critics believe the new show is just another Hollywood project empowering negative stereotypes about Latinos, but Dania refuses to see it that way. "There’s no backside to portraying Latino. I’d rather play a proud Latina working for a living than play a drug dealer,” she confessed. 

Dania plays a Mexican woman named Rosa, who leaves her child behind to build a better future for her family in the U.S. “My approach is that I’m playing a very real Latin woman in a very real circumstance and I’m proud of that," said the 32-year-old actress.

Do you plan on watching the show before you judge it?