Cote de Pablo: Breaking the Mold

When the subject of marriage and children comes up, De Pablo grows tight lipped for the first time. “I take immense pride in guarding [my relationships],” she says, “because it’s the only thing at the end of the day that’s really real.” Her boyfriend, on the other hand, is a little more open.

At De Pablo’s cover shoot, Serrano, wearing a white polo shirt and shorts that accentuated his muscular soccer-player calves, patiently waited for De Pablo to finish makeup, then swooped in for a hug and quick kiss and watched lovingly as she posed for the camera. He said wedding bells are not in their future but they do want to have children eventually. “She’s classy, sexy, beautiful and grounded,” he added. At lunch, when told how Serrano described her, De Pablo laughs and jokingly says, “I’m going to pull his ears. He shouldn’t be talking about us.”

As lunch winds down, De Pablo speaks with relish of her next trip to Chile. Squeezed like sardines, all of her cousins reunite in the beach house in Zapallar that has been in her family since she was a toddler. Their time is filled with glorious food, regional fruits like cherimoya, wine and conversation, and it renews her every time.

“When I go to Chile, I fill up suitcases with things that I’m no longer wearing and I surprise my cousins,” De Pablo says, smiling broadly. “All of a sudden, I’ll pull out awesome dresses and let them go to town. My favorite thing to do is sit back and hear the screams of teenagers going insane.”

For De Pablo, it’s a retreat that’s worth a million retweets.