Cote de Pablo: Breaking the Mold

De Pablo nailed the role while Mambo Kings never made it to Broadway. The two actors’ volatile chemistry onscreen has been slowly percolating, culminating in last year’s season finale, when Agent DiNozzo planted a telling kiss on Agent David. NCIS fans have even christened the duo “Tiva” and made them one of prime time’s most exciting couples.

“She’s a worker, team oriented, professional, happy to be there, hugely talented. She’s a pleasure to see and welcome every morning,” says NCIS costar and executive producer Mark Harmon. “Sometimes when people are really good at what they do, that transformation makes it look much easier than it really is.”

With long work days, De Pablo rarely has time for red-carpet events, celebrity parties or even taking on other roles. When she does have free time, she’s usually with her boyfriend of seven years, Ecuadorean actor Diego Serrano (The Young and the Restless, Ray Donovan).

“There’s nothing like spending your life with someone who understands the harshness of shooting schedules,” De Pablo says of her relationship with Serrano. “But when the work is done, vacation starts. Let’s enjoy it because it lasts very little.”

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