Cote de Pablo: Breaking the Mold

“I’m not on Facebook. I’m not on Twitter. I’m not on anything,” De Pablo says. “I know a lot of celebrities who go around complaining how very little privacy they have. And then my question to that is always, well, how much of yourself are you putting out there? If you are everywhere and you care so much about what people are thinking, then you’ve sacrificed the very thing that you are complaining about, which is your own privacy.”

Simply put, De Pablo lives in the now. She is a rare breed—an actress who refuses to buy into the nonstop look-at-me culture of Hollywood. As she speaks about her life in the limelight, it’s abundantly clear that what matters to her is not the trappings of stardom but the people closest to her, her family back in Chile and the thrill of the work. Now, even as she prepares to wrap up her almost decade-long run on the show this upcoming season, De Pablo is appreciative of her cast mates and fans.

“It was not an easy decision, not one taken lightly,” she says of her departure. “I feel like I am leaving my family. What I want to say most of all is thank you to the fans and to the people who have been so supportive of me and of the show, who have made the show the great success that it is.”

De Pablo is breaking down the myth of instant fame with the reality that disciplined effort and strong relationships are a surer path to fulfillment. Case in point: instead of jetting off to some exotic locale while on her very short hiatus from filming, the actress was actually about to fly out to visit her younger sister, who lives in New York. “My priority is to hang out with the ones I love—my family, my loved ones,” she says between forkfuls of a goat cheese–and–walnut salad. “And then I go back to the set.”

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