Exclusive Outtakes From Cote de Pablo's September 2013 Cover Shoot!

Want more of our September cover star Cote de Pablo? Check out some of these exclusive quotes from Cote’s cover shoot and don't miss the rest of her interview on newsstands August 13!

1. Cote de Pablo Outtakes 1

On why she loves reading non-fiction:

"Usually they are stories of rebirth and forgiveness. It's like a theme in my life. I believe you first have to forgive yourself and then whoever it is, you have to forgive others."

2. Cote de Pablo Outtakes 2

On discovering her desire to become an actress:

"I think it was a feeling. I can't really explain it. There was no option for me. I had to do it. I had to express myself."

3. Cote de Pablo Outtakes 3

On what she learned from her mother's journalism career:

"She's just an inquisitive person, insatiable curiosity. I think I learned curiosity from her, which is one of the biggest things I can learn as an actor, the always asking of why. Why why why. You know? Drive the directors crazy but it certainly quenches my appetite. Whatever it is. Whatever way it helps with the role."

4. Cote de Pablo Outtakes 4

On her Chilean pride:

"I'm very proud to be South American, to be from Chile. But I'm not that one person that feels I have to wear a t-shirt, because then I'll have to be wearing an American t-shirt and that's just too many t-shirts."

5. Cote de Pablo Outtakes 5

On her audition with Michael Weatherly for her role on NCIS:

"There was that chemistry between us that was born where you hate and love a person. Of course, I love him now. But back in the audition, I thought how could he be doing that. And he felt the same way about me. But there's a sheer chemistry that you can't fake, Michael as an ease that comes with working with him for so long."

6. Cote de Pablo Outtakes 6

On working on CBS' hit show NCIS:

"You are there; you are submerged in ten months. WE care about it. The caring makes you want to be involved more to make it good. It's the number one show for a reason. I think it's because we are very much invested in our characters."

7. Cote de Pablo Outtakes 7

On award snubs:

"For us, I believe the most important thing is to keep on making the best show we can make. And that takes a lot of caring and giving a lot of ourselves. As long as we are doing that, then we are succeeding and as long as the audience tunes in that works."

8. Cote de Pablo Outtakes 8

On her relationship with longtime novio Diego Serrano:

"I made a rule not to talk about our relationship because it's the only thing that I have that is really private. I think the reason family and certainly my very close relationship works is because they are not out there. I take immense pride in guarding them because it's the only thing at the end of the day that's really real."

9. Cote de Pablo Outtakes 9

On giving advice to women:

"What I would say to any woman in the world, regardless nationality or culture, is to never limit yourself to what others may think you are. The greatest thing I think that any person has should is to allow themselves to experience fully, and by that I mean in whatever they want to be."

10. Cote de Pablo Outtakes 10

On why she isn’t on social media:

"I like the idea of going out to the world and not really caring about other people. If I'm giving away the little of me that's private, then I'm going to sacrifice the very essence of what I believe is freedom. And I believe that is the curse of what I believe is happiness."