Cory Monteith’s 6 Best Moments with Naya Rivera

Like many, we were heartbroken (and shocked) when we heard the news of Cory Monteith's passing. But no one knew him quite like his Glee castmates did, including the lovely Naya Rivera, who recently released a statement about her dear friend that she spent many of her days around.

Click through to see Cory's six best moments with Naya:

1. Cory and Naya Best Moments: GLAAD Awards

Cory and Naya hosted the GLAAD Media Awards together in 2012.

2. Cory and Naya Best Moments: Glee "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"

As Finn Hudson and Santana Lopez, Cory and Naya sang "Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way or Another" in this scene from Glee.

3. Cory and Naya Best Moments: San Jose Fan Meeting

Cory and Naya greet fans in San Jose, CA during their Samsung tour.

4. Cory and Naya Best Moments: Santana Slaps Finn

In Glee's "Mash Off" episode, Santana slaps Finn. Watch the infamous face smack below:

5. Cory and Naya Best Moments: Behind the "Mash Off" Slap

Now that you've relived the infamous slap, watch this behind-the-scenes moment with Cory and Naya:

6. Cory and Naya Best Moments: Glee 3D Movie Interview

There was such a fun dynamic between Cory and Naya, and fans can really see that during this Glee 3D movie interview: