Commentary: Is the Devious Maids Controversy Really Warranted?

One of my favorite things about the premiere episode is that I could identify nearly everyone my mother worked for in each one of the employers. Delacourt is someone my mom still works for today. There is this bond that is created between an employer and their maid that crosses the line into a one-sided friendship that can never be broken.

I won’t give too much away since I’m quite excited for you all to see it, but the opening scene sets the tone perfectly for what you can expect throughout the season. A maid is murdered after her employer confronted her about indiscretions she had had with her husband. The police do their due diligence of the crime scene while the distraught woman cries out for her maid. It’s not because she is heartbroken over her death, but because she stands in wonder as to who is going to clean up the bloody mess.

Another favorite element of the show is the fact that the women have each other to sit down and talk about the insanity that is going on at each of the houses they work at. My mother knew a few of the local Hispanic women who were housekeepers but there wasn’t really that camaraderie between them. I do think it would have made things a bit more bearable for her if she had girlfriends who understood the struggle of leaving behind your family in a foreign land while trying to raise your kids and put food on the table.

As Latinas we should be proud that a huge network that has prided itself in being “for women” chose to highlight the lives of five strong Latina women. Women like Rita Moreno paved the way throughout the years so that actresses today could take on roles they are passionate about, not just the ones the public agrees with. And if you really think about it, the British haven’t complained about the misrepresentation of their people by the maids in Downton Abbey. These stories are there – and now, we get to see them play out on our TV screens.

Devious Maids premieres Sunday, June 23 at 10 pm/9pm central.