Christina Aguilera Reveals Bullying Past

There is no doubt about it, superstar Christina Aguilera is a fighter, but some might be surprised by the role that bullying has played in her life, and music.

During the promotion of the sexy singer’s newest album Lotus, Aguilera sat down in the comfort of her own home to share a softer side with Dateline and discuss her bond with her son, her often tumultuous home life as a child, and her unlikely connection to The Sound of Music.

It can be argued that a great deal of Aguilera’s success comes from her ability to connect with others on an emotional level through her music. She claims that she has been lucky enough to have her music as an outlet to express her own pain whether that stems from her father’s abuse or tabloid fodder.  

When Aguilera was asked if her feelings are ever hurt by ill words aimed in her direction, most recently the jabs centered on her weight, she exclaimed without hesitation, “Of course! I write songs about that, yeah, absolutely. It’s the business that I’ve chosen; it’s the business that I’m in. It’s part of the mentality of being a fighter and to survive through people taking shots.”