EXCLUSIVE: Chrissie Fit Talks 'Teen Beach Movie,' Jenni Rivera, and Being a Latina in Hollywood

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Also, my music teacher in elementary school, Ms. Hernandez, was incredible and so nurturing. I was singing in the chorus in first grade and they were singing “Fifty Nifty, United States,” and she pulled me up and told me to get on the microphone. So from that moment on you couldn’t get me off of it.

How did you discover the world of acting? What made you want to stick with that?

It’s actually a funny story. I had a crush on this guy in the sixth grade and all the sixth graders were doing a show. It was actually a Spanish show, everything was in Spanish. I thought 'I need to get in that show because then he will see me on stage and he will fall in love with me.' So I told the teacher who was doing the play, 'Hey, I know I am a fifth grader, but I think I really want to do the show. Can I please?' She said: 'There are no parts for you.'

I came in the next day with an idea for a part and I don’t if she was impressed or felt sorry for me, but she put me in the show. At that point, I discovered this whole other way to express myself. I didn’t get the boy, but I got the acting, so I think that worked out better.

Ah, so it's safe to say you're fluent in Spanish?

Yeah. If I wanted to talk to my grandfather I needed to know Spanish, so that is why I still speak Spanish to this day.

In Teen Beach Movie, you played a girl named Cheechee. Tell us more about that character.

Cheechee is like the bad biker girl. She is always really tough. I’m like the smallest one with the biggest attitude, and the biggest hair. It was so much fun. She has so much style and so much sass. She is part of the “Rodents,” who are the biker crew in feud with the “Surfers.” It was probably one of my favorite characters to play. Ever.

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