Cheech Marin Reveals "I Wanted to Become a Priest" (EXCLUSIVE)

What are your main reasons for supporting its legalization?

I don’t think smoking marijuana is bad for you. It has plenty of medical health benefits. I think it is just harmless. I would much rather support medical marijuana than medical beer.

Do you think people will miss out on anything because pot is illegal?

I think it is more of the hassle people go through because it is illegal. They can arrest you and take away your property. Alcohol was illegal at one point and it ended up causing the same situation we have now, which is that you have a different class of wealth that is outside the system. The drug lords outside of the States wouldn’t have the power they have now if marijuana were legal, I truly believe that. If they legalized marijuana today, it would drastically cut the power that the drug cartels have. It would be a salvation to our judicial system. I think it’s a stupid move not to legalize it.

Do you have a message for potheads out there?

Just be cool and don’t ask the cop for a light (Laughs).

You are also working on a book titled, We Come in Peace and We Have You Surrounded. Can you tell us more about it?

I sat down, started typing, and the story started writing itself. I look at the domination of the Latino population and take a humorous tone about it. The book was inspired by the blogs I have written for The Huffington Post like, ‘What is a Chicano?’ Latinos in the U.S. aren’t going away, so people better start learning more about us.

You also have a huge collection of Chicano art. What is another fun fact fans may not know about you?

That I wanted to become a priest at one point. Every kid that goes to Catholic school believes he’s going to be a priest one day. Then I started going to parties and I was like, ‘I don’t know about this!’

No regrets then?

Not a single one!