Cheech Marin Reveals "I Wanted to Become a Priest" (EXCLUSIVE)

Think you know everything about legendary comedian Cheech Marin? Well, think again. We chatted with the Cheech & Chong star about his tour, upcoming book, We Come in Peace and We Have You Surrounded, animated movie and more!

Congrats on your tour! You and Chong have such a long history. How did you guys reunite after your split in the 1980’s?

It was the lure of the buck. (Laughs) We realized we left a huge audience of fans out there and we received several offers to come back. Being on stage together is the best thing we ever did, I think. We decided, ‘Hey let’s try this again.’

What do you think is the secret to your great chemistry?

I think it is indefinable. It is just about two people coming together. We may not always love each other at times, but that’s real life. I think our backgrounds and influences help us fit together. It just works.

Do you think it’s a challenge to appeal to this new generation of fans?

No, they are all stoners. (Laughs) We have a certain harmlessness about us that I think appeals to everyone. We are silly, funny, and raunchy at the same time. I think that’s why the teen fans love us.

You have a self-titled animated movie out on DVD. What was it like seeing yourself animated?

I love the style of animation they used. They drew us skinny and hairy so that was pretty cool (Laughs). We got to work on a soundtrack for the movie so that was a lot of fun.

Studies have come out suggesting that a majority of Latinos support the legalization of marijuana. Why do you think that is?

I think because it is so common. We have been here for several generations now – so people are less conservative. I feel like Latinos in the U.S. are more open-minded now and they don’t see a drastic harm in smoking.