Who Should Eva Longoria Date Next?

Ever since she became a free woman two weeks ago, male celebrities have been lining up for a chance to date Eva Longoria. First, comedian Dane Cook used his Twitter account to ask Eva out to dinner and a movie. “Is it too soon to ask @EvaLongoria if she's ready to date? I'd like to take her to dinner, a divorce and then a movie," he tweeted. 

Now, a source close to singer John Mayer tells PopEater.com that John is also interested in making a play for Eva. "John is crazy about Eva. There is something about newly-divorced ladies that drives him nuts," said the source. "He was the same way over Jessica [Simpson] when she left Nick [Lachey], and now he has his eye on Eva."

Still, none of these guys feel right for our Eva. So we came up with 5 single Hollywood bachelors that we think she could really consider dating.  Vote in our poll below and tell us who you think would be the best match for Eva.