5 Celebs Who Have Insured Body Parts!

The Client's List star Jennifer Love Hewitt recently joked about getting her breasts insured for a hefty $5 million. Yes, that's $2.5 million per cup! While this may sound surprising, Ms. Love isn't alone. We are counting down 5 celebrities who have had their famous body parts insured for millions. Can you guess them all?

1. Celebs Who Have Insured Body Parts: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s infamous curves have been making headlines since the 1990’s! Rumor has it that the “Dance Again” singer insured her famous “assets” for a cool $300 million. Now that’s an expensive booty!

2. Celebs Who Have Insured Body Parts: America Ferrera

America Ferrera’s smile may have been hidden behind braces for her role as Betty Suarez on Ugly Betty, but the beautiful star’s pearly whites are straight out of a toothpaste commercial in real life. As a spokesperson for Aquafresh, the 28-year-old actress reportedly insured her sonrisa for a whopping $10 million! You better believe she flosses every night…

3. Celebs Who Have Insured Body Parts: Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has legs that can go on for days and we love her for it! The American Idol judge supposedly got her toned legs insured for $1 billion thanks to her Gillette endorsement. And we thought she was known for singing…

4. Celebs Who Have Insured Body Parts: Rihanna

Gillette also awarded Rihanna with “the Legs of Goddess” award, which led the company to insure the “What’s My Name” singer’s legs for $1 million. This island girl sure knows how to rock what she’s got!

5. Celebs Who Have Insured Body Parts: Lili Estefan

Former Sábado Gigante con Don Francisco model and television host, Lili Estefan has a favorite body part and she isn’t afraid to admit it! The Cuban star got her legs insured for $1 million.